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Picking Daisies Vintage-Style

Today felt like a vintage memory. I took my kids for a snack picnic at a National Trust property called Mount Stewart. Ok, so it wasn’t a proper vintage picnic with elegant looking picnic food. There were no finger sandwiches wrapped in baking parchment and tied in a bow: it was raspberries in a plastic punnet, mini doughnuts and I was drinking coffee out of a not-so-elegant flask. But the day felt like it was seeped in vintage energy. Maybe it was the setting with its grand mansion; maybe it was because the day reminded me of childhood: picking daisies, sitting on a picnic blanket, looking upwards at a blue and white swirled sky; or maybe it was because we’ve barely seen real sunlight in Northern Ireland since 1971. Anyway, I decided to take some photos to try to capture the vintage vibe of our day. It has given me ideas for a proper vintage picnic, you know, with a basket instead of a plastic bag. Let’s call today an impromptu day trip.


There’s something about sitting on the grass on a checked picnic blanket that makes it feel like you’ve been transported back in time. Even though my childhood wasn’t in the 1960’s. I wish.