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Living Vintagely

IMG_0210I love to live a life infused with vintage. I’m not prescriptive about my vintage-ness. I think the best way to buy vintage is to select special pieces and to mix recent with retro. I find that vintage pieces stand out best when they are contrasted with non-vintage items. A lot of vintage lovers follow trends religiously, sticking to one particular era and never deviating from its styles and fashion rules. I have to admit, I have a ferocious passion for the 1960’s. I love the aesthetics, the sounds and the energy. I love to bring elements of it into my own life. But I don’t think vintage should be about limiting yourself; it should have the reverse effect.

Loving vintage isn’t just about liking the way a style looks and trying to emulate it. It is about embracing the ethos of that period of time and reflecting how it has influenced you in your personal style. Your style is something that evolves with you, as you reference different things as they enter your sphere.

I have always felt like I was born in the wrong decade. I love the music of the 60’s. I love the simplicity of vintage living. I have an aversion to too much screen time and not enough down-time. I like to hunt for vintage items: both decor and clothing. I like to mix old and new to create something unique. I like listening to vintage albums and doing quiet things, escaping the annoyingly ever-present screen of my phone. I am always thinking about vintage, talking about vintage, dreaming about vintage. That is what living vintagely means to me.


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